Chemical Peels

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dreamyeyes 700x480

The Vivier Peel

The Vivier Peel is a medical-grade skin treatment that will give you the firmer, glowing skin you want. A revolution in skin care, the Vivier Peel works at the cellular level for a degree of facial rejuvenation other products can’t achieve. Providing immediate benefits, the Vivier Peel uses a unique combination of pharmaceutical grade ingredients to exfoliate different layers, giving your skin a dewy, refreshed look, and an even complexion. Prepare for that special occasion in advance and schedule a peel or series of peels leading up to the event.

You can also make Vivier a part of your regular skin care routine with the brand’s full line of skin care products. Contact us today to book a consultation.


Vivier Skin Care

We also offer a wide range of Vivier Skin Care products that can treat or become a part of your plan to meet your cosmetic goals.

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