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Happy Healing

Preparing for surgery can feel quite overwhelming. Here at the Institute, we like to ensure our
patients feel informed and confident prior to their big day. Let us give you some insight into how
to plan.

Review your pre and post care documents in detail. Our nurses always send instructions at the
time of booking. These include the dos and don’ts for both before and following surgery and
cover topics such as wound care, pain management, activity level and downtime. We recommend
printing these instructions to re-read before surgery. It is also a good idea to bring them to your
pre-op appointment. This appointment will give you the opportunity to bring forth questions to
Dr. Seal and his nursing team.

Following your surgery, you will be given several follow-up appointments and your wounds will
be closely monitored by our nurses. Keep these areas clean and ensure dressings remain intact
unless otherwise instruction. It is also important to avoid baths, hot tubs, and pools for 6 weeks
and refrain from any heavy lifting. If given prescriptions, take these as directed, maintain a
healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

Get moving, but don’t overdo it! Walking for short distances (even around your home) aids in the
wound healing process by brining blood flow to the area and lessening the chance of a blood
clot. Depending on the type of surgery, downtime is between 4-6 weeks. Please keep this in mind
as your body heals.

Our nursing team is always available for any questions or concerns. You will be given their
contact information for any questions or concerns. This contact information will be provided at
your pre-op appointment. Please reach out to them anytime.

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